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AED Oversight

Be Ready!!

An emergency can happen at ANY moment. If you were to perform just CPR on someone the chance of survival is about 21%. If you were to perform CPR and use an AED the chance of survival can go up to 80-85%. YOUR AED NEEDS TO BE READY AT ALL TIMES!!

REASONS for an AED Oversight Plan:

  • Senate Bill 1185, Idaho Statute Title 9, Chapter 3, Action 5-337 (1999)
  • Increase the chance of survival for any victim!!
  • Ensures your protection of liability in the case of the use of your AED
  • Monthly checkups will make sure your AED is ready at all times (system run through, battery life check, electrode pads installed and ready).
  • In most cases AED’s are never looked at until it’s too late!! Pads have expired or even worse the battery is dead!
  • With an AED Oversight plan you never have to worry about your AED again, just be ready to act in an emergency!!
  • We can supply you with battery and electrode pads replacement before the current battery and pads expire.

TYPES of AED Oversight Plans:

Standard Plan

Premium Plan

EFT Agreement

Oversight Plan Monthly Registration:


Contact Name:
AED Working (Y or N):
Pads Expired (Y or N):
Battery Expired (Y or N):
Questions or Comments:
If pads or battery are EXPIRED,
would you like us to order
new ones?:

Recommended reorder date is 30 days prior to expiration date on pads and(or) battery

Shipping can take up to 30 days